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lucidchart xtract library and composing readers

If you use "readers" similar to play's json reader framework, you know that its a nice framework to compose your json converters. There is a similar framework for reading XML from lucidchart called xtract. xtract only provides XML reading. Its very similar to play json. Many of the examples that demonstrate the play json or xtract library are fairly simple and did not help me understand how to compose readers that need to have alternatives. For example, an XML fragment may have an element called   Fault   or an element called   Data   and you want to compose a reader that automatically handles both in one reader instance. How do you do that? Here's some scalatest examples that show one way to do that. You have some choices about how to navigate and how to compose so pay special attention to the details in the tests. I prefer to compose by using readers at the top element and use and/or on the builders, but you can choose to do it anyway you wish. The code may b