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dotty indent syntax - I found it easy once I used it

dotty indent syntax - I found it easy once I used it I have seen alot of github issue comments and postings around dotty’s significant whitespace syntax proposed change. I wanted to write this note to record my experince with it based on hard, grinding daily use. “Hard, grinding” means I needed to quickly spin up a PoC with multiple “bigdata” data ingest pipelines and scala was part of that solution along with me hacking on python, NLP (bert’ish things), elasticsearch, neo4j and a few other technologies (UIs are painful). For me, the new syntax has been easy to adopt. Here’s what I did to start using it: Read the dotty web site page (which links to the github page describing the syntax). It took 15 minutes to read it as the rules are simple and short. Ran the rewrite command using sbt. I added the rewrite command flags, ran compile, then changed the flags for the 2nd rewrite. I had to ask the gitter channel on how to do this with sbt as it requires two manual r