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javafx 2.0 - great progress, some thoughts...

I looked at javafx 2.0 beta and I am very pleased with the progress. I think Oracle could make a great steward for some java technologies especially if they can make it economic so that more investments in java can be made. I took a look at the programming model, which is based on the idea of directly programming a scenegraph, and here are some thoughts: I liked the programming model as compared to Swing. There are significantly fewer "model" constraints" I am a fan of less API for models. Swing always had complicated models for more complex controls. fx2 has fewer. More integrated thinking about effects and rich media. That's all good. CSS: I'm not a big fan of CSS for UI presentation specifications. Why? Well, first, you are typically using another "language" even if it is a DSL. I think WPF had it right in that that built the CSS-like stylers directly into the language and XAML supports the same "syntax" for specifying CSS-like effects. You