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eclipse e4 – create Application.xmi

How do you create this? The XMI is just a serialized form of the model instances. Its really xml so create an xml file the usual eclipse way. Just ran into this. I don't know if there is a wizard that has already been made (there is a sample Application.xmi in the workbench fragment bundle) but you can just create an XML file with .xmi extension and add the application namespace to it. Then just right click and select the generic ecore emf form editor or "other..." (and find the generic ecore emf form editor in the etools feature). I think you can add these entries to the top element: 1: < application:MApplication xmi:version ="2.0" 2: xmlns:xmi ="" 3: xmlns:xsi ="" 4: xmlns:application ="" 5: xmlns:workbench ="" > 6:   7: ..