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event processing

For the data binding library I authored, swtdatabinding (not SWT dependent actually), I am looking into using an event processing framework to help decouple the event processing and allow me plug-into multiple event frameworks such as that from J2SE or SWT which different classes and semantics but essentially address the same area. Most of the events for data binding are around property change notification of some sort whether it is on a bean or a list. In the market, there are a variety of systems including eventbus and others that are mentioned to address this area. All are targeted towards specific uses. Other event stream or complex event processing (CEP) libraries exist such as esper, JECHo and JMS inside OpenESB (using JBI) as well as commercial offerings in BEA, Websphere and Progress Software. Many of these have easy to use filtering or event processing domain specific languages for specifying filtering criteria and the like. I suggest you investigate these libraries for ide