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dotty+scala.js+async: interesting options

dotty+scala.js+async: interesting options With the soon-to-be-released dotty 3.0.0-M1 (2020 Q4) and scala.js support rapidly improving (thanks @sjrd and team!), we can soon use scala.js with dotty. One area that has always been interesting to watch is the development of language constructs for managing effects such as Future for scala and async/await for javascript. Many languages have async/await support. scala 2.13.3 came out with -Xasync support that allows async { await(...) } like syntax. This “desugaring” can be used in combination with existing syntax such standard for-comprehensions or monadic style (chained function calls). Hence, there are 3 approaches. Working with javascript types, especially Promises, has always been problematic. For example, typescript 4.x recently introduced refinements so that Promise typing was better. Even dedicated languages such as typescript have had typing issues :-) Directly manipulating js.Promise s is important for fro