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EMF, teneo & e4 example

LAST UPDATED: October 10, 2010. This blog will cover creating an e4 and EMF example application. It uses teneo as the persistent store to store the data modeled in EMF. The example is complete start to finish. The blog is quite long but if you follow along, it should only take about 30 minutes to get a full, and useful RCP application up and running. Problem Statement You need an application to satisfy the following requirements: The domain model is hierarchical. The domain model should be extensible so that other groups who adopt the application can change the domain model to their needs e.g. add an attribute to a domain model easily. You need to display the domain model using a tree model for easy user navigation. CRUD screens should be available, in some fashion, for all domain objects. The data should be stored in a RDBMS while minimizing any framework-specific extensions or RDBMS artifacts. There is no legacy integration requirement. The application, hypothetically, requires rich