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dotty scala3 adoption report: easy so far

dotty scala3 adoption report: easy so far I decided to use dotty (aka Scala 3) for a small machine learning (NLU) project to get a feel for new features and ecosystem components. I try to keep my code simple to write and understand. I tend to avoid the use of advanced type features, and I am Ok if I avoid “purist” FP thinking. I don’t mind a little boilerplate. Here’s some feedback. More to come when the project is complete: Adoption: Easy. I read some dotty slides for an hour. Then I read the dotty doc site for another hour. So far, the dotty features I have chosen have been easy to adopt, e.g., implicits with the new syntax via given. Dotty is an experimental compiler, and I found a bug! The dotty team fixed it within a few days–thanks! New features: I am using a few, new features including: implicit functions (they immediately added value) objectless toplevel code extension methods ADTs via enums union/intersection types exports The features were eas