pass through from typescript to

pass through from typescript to

I often use typescript just for types and not for bundling or transpilation to different ES targets.

Typescript can play a few different roles that when used with a complex stack, can cause tooling confusion. To avoid confusion, I generally have typescript do as little as possible.

To have typescript passthrough everything to babel, which is configured to transpile down to my target, I set tsconfig.json to:

  • module: esnext => target an ES version that understands import/export natively.
  • moduleResolution: node => resolve modules using node semantics. This is the default, but when “module” is used, it seems to get reset to a bad value.
  • target: esnext => target the latest es environment for destructuring, default args, etc.
  • jsx: preserve: => Keep brackets (see below).
  • importHelpers; true => If typescript does happen to transpile, import tslib instead of writing some boilerplate into each output module. This saves space
  • noEmitHelpers: true => Do not emit the helper boilerplate in each module.
  • experimentalDecorators: true => Allow @decoator type syntax.
  • emitDecorationMetadata: false => Skip extra decoration metadata.

The jsx: preserve setting means that tsx => jsx and that the jsx brackets will be preserved in the output instead of being converted to React.createElement(...).


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