javafx, wow, it's still kindof hard

I've been looking to do a real UI in javafx and compared to WPF, I am still finding it to be alot of work. In particular, creating tables and customizing everything for my domain objects.

In WPF, I built a reasonably interesting interface in 5 days without knowing WPF and that includes working on the domain object. In JavaFX I am finding it slow going on doing controls that need cell factories and other apparatus that apparently is only available to be created through code, XAML was just easier for me.

I wrote almost no UI code in WPF. I did write XAML files directly in XAML because they had a nice editor that showed you the results of your XAML file as you typed it.

The JavaFX team really needs to sit down and crunch on making it easier to build UIs and bind to my domain objects to get the content into the controls. I do not think its an issue with the relatively complex Callback interfaces either. I think its because they are not thinking of how to create something easy to write in FXML. This was also noticed by some very old blogs from 2011.

I know they are working on it.


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