Eclipse and EMF

Its been awhile since I blogged about the toy application and its infrastructure. Truly, I have not been that active around the application.

Recently, however, I was thinking about it and thought that I would explore EMF a bit more because I came across a binding framework that makes business UIs easier (in addition to ufacekit).  Its called rcp-company-uibindings and it looks interesting. In addition, EMF models can have undo/redo and more extensive metadata support which makes business UIs easier to construct. The EMF object model (as seen through the superclass EObject) reminds me of the new object model and property support in WPF. While event routing is not present, they seem similar in how properties are abstracted out and better storage and change notifications plumbing behind the scenes are used to handle these object responsibilities.

In order to persist EMF models to a database (or match it to a legacy database) teneo, another EMF sub-project, is needed. I guess the only bad thing here is that its another layer of frameworks and tooling to learn. The benefits though, suggest that it is worth it. The primary benefit that I could see to apps that I am thinking about is the ability to evolve or extend the model for client specific situations and make this a relatively more engineered process.


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