eclipse, RCP, spring, hibernate and XAML Soyatec UPF

After playing around with jface data binding and straight eclipse APIs for building data driven db screens, as well as uface and rolling my own framework modeled after inpowersoft's framework, I am also looking at the XAML product (free but not open source at this point) from soyatec. I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of the implementation so far and the ability to do easy data binding. The only area where more documentation is needed is where the XAML is backed by a java class and you need to access or set resources or data context's of individual content controls (etc.) In WPF, this happens automatically through partial classes. In UPF, you need to program a little code to make this happen. The API is not obvious but I am working towards a fuller understanding. In addition, I am learning XAML. I have determined that while XML is not the greatest specification language for this, its relatively straight forward and seems to work pretty good. I will complete a mini-UI for some data screens and evaluate whether to proceed with using it for the rest of the toy application.


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