presentation frameworks and eclipse RCP

I was looking through XAML again. I like it. While not perfect, I like the underlying presentation framework (WPF) that XAML maps into. XAML itself is not particularly interesting. The presentation framework is, however.

In eclipse RCP, the presentation framework also exists but seems to get aborted at the view part level. The workbench part, the view part, etc. all define a logical UI hierarchy with resources (although fairly specific to the RCP). At the view part level, however, the hierarchy starts breaking down. That's where the managed form classes come in. In essence, this logical hierarchy "renders" the UI using createPartControl() using SWT underneath.

Personally, I think the presentation framework has alot of good ideas and is generally well constructed. I wish something as flexible as this was used ontop of SWT to build the RCP framework. In a sense, SWT has some of the presentation framework with a logical set of SWT widgets, etc., so its not an alien concept. Its just that the SWT framework lacks general inheritance and merging of resources and properties, sophisticated event routing and most importantly data binding.


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